Episode 63: The Bosnian War Part II-The Siege of Sarajevo

For well over two years, Bosnian Serb forces bombarded Sarajevo in an attempt to destroy the city and break the spirit of the people who lived there. Thousands of civilians (including children) were killed in an attempt by Bosnian Serb forces to divide the city and stir ethnic hatred. People lived without food, running water, electricity, or heat. While survival became the priority for most ordinary people, their collective experience of surviving against the odds and standing up to a bully coalesced into something that will always be remembered. 

This is part two in a series on the Bosnian War. Future episodes will cover different aspects of the conflict, including the role of journalism in the war, the role of United States foreign policy and the United Nations in the conflict, ethnic cleansing, and the Bosnian Genocide. 

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