Episode 62: The Bosnian War Part I-The Perils of Nationalism

No one who lived through it will ever forget what happened in Bosnia during the 1990's. What had been a unified and (mostly) peaceful region only a few years before melted down into war, chaos, and genocide. The causes of the war are hotly debated, probably due to the complexity of the conflict. Ultimately it was ethnic, political, and religious differences that merged with nationalism to give the 20th century one last European war to be haunted by.

This is part one in a series on the Bosnian War. It gives an overview of some of the themes of the conflict and goes over the origins of the war. Future episodes will cover different aspects of the conflict, including the Siege of Sarajevo, the role of journalism in the war, the role of United States foreign policy and the United Nations in the conflict, ethnic cleansing, and the Bosnian Genocide. 

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