Episode 58: The Fall of the Roman Republic Part IV-You Win or You Die

As violence increasingly became a tool at the disposal of corrupt and cynical Romans, it also became a last resort for frustrated and hopeless Romans and Italian Allies. As a result of the Republic's failure to address systemic social and economic issues, the Social War broke out between Rome and the Italian Allies. In the aftermath of this devastating war, the famous Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla waged a titanic and bloody war for the fate of the Roman Republic. The endemic violence and zero-sum nature of the conflict ultimately ensured the future demise of the Republic. 

This is Part IV in a series on the downfall of the Roman Republic. It focuses on questions of citizenship in Ancient Rome, the Social War, and the epic struggle between Sulla and Marius. Sulla claimed victory, but ultimately for the Roman Republic it was ashes in the end.

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